Veteran Support Author John O. Branch

The Warriors Guide to Happiness

The simple yet powerful book that shows how faith and truth can make sense of life, and help anyone overcome their traumatic past.

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Are you a veteran suffering from war trauma? Do you feel alone and unsure of what path to take to feel whole and happy again? Then you need to check out the work of John O. Branch. John wrote the book used by countless hospitals, clinics, and groups for individuals facing and overcoming war trauma. He noticed that there is an unfortunate lack of self-help content for veterans struggling with specific types of trauma, so he took action and created an easy to follow guide to help you face and overcome the challenges facing veterans with PTSD related challenges.

The story of

John O. Branch

A Vietnam veteran who learned after a mismanaged healthcare experience at the VA hospital in Portland, Oregon that overcoming PTSD takes more than medication and band-aid therapy. 

Suffering from a temporary state of delirium brought on by inappropriate drug therapy, John ran away from the VA hospital, and was shot in the chest by police in front of his home in an upper-middle-class neighborhood in Dundee Oregon. The 45-caliber hollow point bullet did not kill John, but rather started him on a journey to healing,  happiness, and helping others.

John O. Branch Author

Reader Testimonials

The Warriors Guide to Happiness by John O. Branch is a well-written testimonial of a war veteran’s road from the profound misery of PTSD and alcohol abuse to freedom because of Christ. To anyone who has PTSD, this book is a blessing. If John can be rescued from the misery, then you can as well. There is power in the Cross, and restoration is possible. I have been a physician for 42 years and have witnessed many people carry this burden of misery to their death. There is freedom in Christ. Thank you, John, for sharing your testimony.
Richard H.
This book is quick and easy to read, yet it opens up and expands your mind in a good way. It is written for everything, veteran or not, and teaches you about perseverance. The story the book tells allowed me to connect with the author and feel a sense of inspiration that I can use in my own life. If you're looking for some extra motivation in your life, I'd recommend getting a copy of this book!
Cortez R.
I have read material that wants to dive deep into the philosophy or theology in order to influence your view or opinion on a topic. I enjoyed the Warriors Guide because it involves the simplicity of scripture in one's personal life to speak truth to anyone. John has managed to take his life experiences and to make it plain in order to understand happiness. My involvement in countless evidence-based group activities has never produced the joyful fruit of change that I have seen in the current veteran fellowship I attend where we use this book.
Tammy T.